An Advanced Wargame Noob

Based on a short discussion on twitter the other day about AI opponents in computer games I was wondering how often Machine Learning is used for such a job? Probably in most cases either an overkill or way too complicated. But there must be a (small) group of conflict simulations where this could be easily implemented.

This might be even a project for an interested student: writing an ML opponent for a wargame. Maybe for one of the COIN titles? Or as the player in Comanchería?

Machine Learning applicable in wargames?

P.S. Uh oh, going down a rabbit hole. Just found this blog.

2 thoughts on “Logbook: 2020-02-23

  1. I think most of AI is rather scripted, not using ML. It is easier for developers, less prone to errors (you need to put a lot of effort to implement good ML). I would love to see this implemented in boardgames.

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  2. Gringogamer says:

    Yes, I also thought that this is nothing a software company would throw personpower at. There’s no money to be made from. But it might be something a group boardgame fans with programming skils can get behind.


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