An Advanced Wargame Noob

It’s been not my best week so far. Highlight was probably my computer that decided to pick the busiest week of all to perish.

But then I get home and find an envelope from Decision Games in the mail. They were so kind to send me the replacement counters for Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. Thank you very much!

Amazing, how just a little bit of cardboard can turn your day around.

2 thoughts on “Wargame Picture – 8

  1. Alexandre Leal says:

    If you look closely that 1.-2. 12ss Pio counter that comes in the errata sheet has an error in the reduced size (maintains the double, superimposed box symbols when the unit is now reduced to 1 step) and intends to substitute a counter that, to my eyes, does not present any issue.

    On the other hand there are two other ss Pio counters that have wrong info/symbology in they front side, namely have the double, superimposed symbols of a 2 coy Company size counter, with a reduced size in the back, BUT only show one step dot in the front side when it should be showing two step dots.


    1. Gringogamer says:

      Wow, of course, I didn’t pay attention to that… I blindly assumed I can rely on the errata counter. Thank you!


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