Logbook: 2020-09-19

I feel bad for some time now that I haven’t been more prolific on this site recently. And I started spiraling down a very ugly path where I put myself under pressure to produce content and then got very anxious when I didn’t live up to those plans.

It’s not that I don’t want to write anything or that I have nothing to say. There’s actually plenty to talk about: the new version of the GOSS rules, wargamers and wargame designers in Brazil, BCS for beginners, GTS vs CSS, etc.

But the current situation in Brazil is draining a lot of my energy. My family and I are stuck at home for six months now. And while politicians are trying to tell us that it’s actually not so bad and that we should go back to normal, the daily statistics tell a different story. The country gave up its fight against Covid-19 and everyone is now counting on a vaccine. Until then we will have to take matters in our own hands.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that my family and I live a very privelegd life compared to other Brazilians. Unlike many my wife and I can work from home. And we can afford to have anything we need to be delivered to our place. But between home office and home schooling (Public schools do not necessarily offer online classes since not all families can afford a dependable internet access let alone a computer.) it’s not easy to find a moment to relax, to play a game, or to read a book. I’m very restless, have problems to focus and I’m constantly exhausted.

I’m in awe by the amount of content created on other sites, but I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling with the situation.

Maybe this little excursion helps explaining that there hasn’t been a regular stream of new articles on this site recently. But it will continue and I’ll find back into a new rhythm of regular updates!

Stay safe!