An Advanced Wargame Noob

Wargame Picture – 7


Setting up the September Rush scenario of Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. Thanks to my daughter for providing the tools (straws) to mark Zones of Operations.

The September Rush scenario is definitely a little bit more busy than the Bloody Bucket scenario.

Wargame Picture – 6


When Brazilian Customs finally decides to release your counter trays months after you ran out of trays and you feel way more relieved than you should feel.

Wargame Picture – 4


The problem with ziploc bag games is that it’s very easy to overlook on the shelf. Here’s a reminder that I should play more often Revolution Games’ Battles of the Bulge: Celles.

Wargame Picture – 3


Learning how to play Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. Here’s a view of my current gaming area where I’m going through the excellent youtube tutorial series for the Bloody Bucket scenario by The War Gamer.

And yes, the next GOSS article should be online tomorrow. I will rant talk about the Supply rules… oohh!

Working on the next GOSS article: a first (guided) playthrough of the Bloody Bucket scenario.