An Advanced Wargame Noob

It’s been not my best week so far. Highlight was probably my computer that decided to pick the busiest week of all to perish.

But then I get home and find an envelope from Decision Games in the mail. They were so kind to send me the replacement counters for Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. Thank you very much!

Amazing, how just a little bit of cardboard can turn your day around.

We are still dissecting and digesting the rules for the Grand Operational Simulation Series. But the hard part is almost done.
So you moved your guys in position, made sure they have fuel and ammo, you even sent a few artillery volleys over into the target hex, now what? It’s time to dig into the Ground Assault (GA) rules.
The rules for Ground Assault cover some eight pages. But, no panic! It’s really not that bad. There are a few concepts that are not necessarily found in other games. But that doesn’t mean the Ground Assault rules are complicated (Spoiler: They are not!). Let’s try to break the procedure down into bite-sized pieces.

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Wargame Picture – 7


Setting up the September Rush scenario of Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. Thanks to my daughter for providing the tools (straws) to mark Zones of Operations.

The September Rush scenario is definitely a little bit more busy than the Bloody Bucket scenario.

Playing a game in the Grand Operational Simulation Series requires quite some bookkeeping: Support Status, Fuel Status, AmP, ADV, Assets,… Not all the information can be tracked on the Army Record Tracks. The Vassal Module of Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest comes with a handy Supply Chart. Inspired by that I created a spreadsheet to help with all the note taking:

A first draft of a Supply Chart Spreadsheet.

It’s not perfect yet, but it does its job. I’ll upload a version of it to the GOSS Resources page. Feel free to use it.

P.S. I’d rather have a paper version of it while playing, but that will require some formatting. Apart from Corps bookkeeping counters, a Master Supply Sheet would be a useful addition in future releases of the game.

Quick heads-up: After moving the site to the new domain I intend to ‘clean up’ the site a little. Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate and improve the readability. Over the next few days I will experiment with the settings. I don’t expect any major disruptions, but can’t promise there won’t be any glitches. Everything should be back to stable by Sunday.

Rocinha Panorama

It’s Carnaval in Brazil. Still? Yes, still! It seems to last forever. As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of Carnaval. But there’s one aspect that I do find fascinating. There must be a myriad of festivities and parties all over the country, usually each one with its own motto or topic. And there are some events that address really bleak social situations. And in many cases, this is the only mouthpiece for people to call attention to them.

So inspired by that, today I don’t want to talk about a particular game. As a matter of fact, today’s post is not even purely wargame focused. But I thought, heck, why not?!

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Wargame Picture – 6


When Brazilian Customs finally decides to release your counter trays months after you ran out of trays and you feel way more relieved than you should feel.