An Advanced Wargame Noob

5 thoughts on “Wargame Picture – 11

  1. So, what happened that you did not continue with your blog?

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    1. Gringogamer says:

      I had to put writing on hold for a bit. With the whole family quarantined at home I got very anxious and did not have the energy to keep up a regular posting schedule.
      But I will continue. Just started the other week with some clean-up and playing around with a revamp.

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      1. Fantastic, keeping fingers crossed for your come-back.

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  2. Yes come back! More GOSS, more obscure battles. I miss it

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    1. Gringogamer says:

      I’ll be back soon. Just returned from vacation with some new ideas and plenty of energy and motivation. Our place is currently remodeled and as soon as I have the game room set up again I’ll continue. Thank you for your encouragement!!!


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