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Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest – Inside the Box

This is the second article in my series about the Grand Operational Simulation Series (In case you are wondering, here is my first GOSS post.). Full disclosure: I haven’t played any of the games in this series nor do I have any particular GOSS experience! Wait… what?

You read that right. These posts are my attempt to chronicle my experience of learning how to play the GOSS system.

If you want to master something, teach it!

Richard Feynman

So while these articles maybe (hopefully) help others, they definitely help me getting a better understanding of GOSS.

After the first post was a rather dry introduction into the GOSS rules, I thought we deserve a break and I’d share pictures of some of the components of Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. They might give you a different angle on the scope and detail of this game system.