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Ground Assault Procedure in GOSS

We are still dissecting and digesting the rules for the Grand Operational Simulation Series. But the hard part is almost done.
So you moved your guys in position, made sure they have fuel and ammo, you even sent a few artillery volleys over into the target hex, now what? It’s time to dig into the Ground Assault (GA) rules.
The rules for Ground Assault cover some eight pages. But, no panic! It’s really not that bad. There are a few concepts that are not necessarily found in other games. But that doesn’t mean the Ground Assault rules are complicated (Spoiler: They are not!). Let’s try to break the procedure down into bite-sized pieces.

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Artillery Fire Support in GOSS

Diving into Decision Games’ Grand Operational Simulation Series (GOSS) can be a hefty undertaking. In this series of articles, I chronicle my progress learning how to play the GOSS title Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. In the last weeks, we took step by step the game apart starting with an introduction, followed by an overview of movement and mode rules, a look inside the box and the supply rules. It’s about time to get to the core of the rules.

Last time I described the procedure that would supply units with fuel and ammunition. Today I’ll give an overview of how to use those shells! We will go through the GOSS Fire Support rules, and more precisely GOSS Artillery Fire Support. Yes, there are procedures for Air Ground Support and Naval Fire Support, but those just differ in the way how the participating strength, expressed in Fire Support Points (FSP) is calculated. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Supply in GOSS

Welcome to part three of the Into the Deep End series, the series in which I chronicle my progress learning the Grand Operational Simulation Series title Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. (Check out part one and part two in case you have missed them.)

Into the Deep End

Yep, I finally found a title for this series of articles. GOSS is not known to be a low-complexity game. I, on the other hand, am everything but an experienced wargamer. So, yes, it feels a little bit like jumping Into the Deep End…

Switching Gears

When you reach the second part of the GOSS rulebook be aware that it’s ‘heavier’ than the first part. Whatever happened in the first part of the rules will feel like a walk in the park. The second part will require some effort from the reader. Well, at least I had to put in more effort. I suggest to bring a pen and paper, have some the counters ready and replay the examples while reading. Don’t skip anything! Reserve a couple of hours.

As said before, my notes can’t be a replacement for reading the rules. You still have to put in some work yourself. But maybe my notes can be of any help.

While I had actually planned for today to introduce the procedures of Fire Support in GOSS, I realized that I should first talk about the Supply rules. We will come back to Artillery and Air Support (no Naval Fire Support in Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest! 🙂 ) next time.

So, let’s do this!

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Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest – Inside the Box

This is the second article in my series about the Grand Operational Simulation Series (In case you are wondering, here is my first GOSS post.). Full disclosure: I haven’t played any of the games in this series nor do I have any particular GOSS experience! Wait… what?

You read that right. These posts are my attempt to chronicle my experience of learning how to play the GOSS system.

If you want to master something, teach it!

Richard Feynman

So while these articles maybe (hopefully) help others, they definitely help me getting a better understanding of GOSS.

After the first post was a rather dry introduction into the GOSS rules, I thought we deserve a break and I’d share pictures of some of the components of Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest. They might give you a different angle on the scope and detail of this game system.

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GOSS Rules Overview – Part 1

And so it begins…

This is the first post in a series of posts introducing Decision GamesGrand Operational Simulation Series (GOSS). I picked for this purpose Hurtgen: Hell’s Forest, the second game in the series. I have never played this game nor do I have any particular GOSS experience.


As mentioned in my last post I would like to cover the steps between unboxing a game and reviewing a game. I want to focus on questions like: What is the game about and what does it try to achieve? How well are the rules written? What does it take to learn the game? How much time and effort do you have to invest to get the game to your table? What can you expect from your first game? Was it worth it? etc.

I hope that if you don’t know GOSS or if you are not sure if this particular game is for you, my posts might be of some help. Also, let me know if you have a particular question that you think I should try to answer.